Flying in the Best of Care

Worldwide, Bombardier has a proud tradition of providing superior Air Ambulances and Air Hospitals to a range of customers including military and paramilitary agencies. While our fleet of Learjet, Challenger and Global families of aircraft have all served as specialized medical evacuation platforms, our newest Air Ambulance is based on the new Challenger 650 aircraft.

Performance Critical to the Mission

Equipped with GE CF34-3B MTO engines, the Challenger 650 benefits from greater thrust, an increased payload capacity, the ability to take off from shorter runways and a greater range – all features critical to MEDEVAC missions.

Challenger 650 performance parameters*:

  • Top?cruise?speed?of?Mach?0.82.
  • Range?of?4,000 nm?(7,408?km)?at?Mach?0.74.
  • Takeoff?distance?of?5,640 ft?(1,720?m).

A Legacy of Reliability 

Designed to raise the bar on reliability, nearly 1,000 Challenger 600 Series jets are in operation around the world today. In total, this family of aircraft has flown in excess of 5.4 million flight hours and has made 3.1 million landings.

The Challenger 650 continues that proven heritage. Built on the industry’s best selling large platform, it has an average dispatch reliability of 99.9%, making it one of the world’s most reliable business jets.

Versatility and Flexibility

With the widest cabin in its class, the Challenger 650 aircraft provides the interior versatility and flexibility to accommodate Medevac missions.  To that point, it can be configured to transport up to four patients with incubator support for newborns or fly a mix of patients and seated passengers while still having room for core medical staff.

To ensure greater patient attention and comfort, medical beds in the cabin are customized with special sliding mechanisms. This facilitates en route care by enabling medical personnel to move the beds with ease and approach patients from either side of the bed.

Patients can be taken on board the Challenger 650 by means of an electrically actuated platform elevator or by a folding ramp, both of which can be stowed on the aircraft.

Dependable in All Weather Conditions

Thanks to the aircraft's Vision flight deck, which provides pilots with increased situational awareness, the Challenger 650 can carry out the mission even under unfavorable weather conditions.

The Bombardier Vision flight deck presents unprecedented levels of awareness, comfort and control via:

  • Next-generation Flight Management Computer.
  • Synthetic Vision System.
  • Rockwell Collins’ MultiScan weather radar.

An optional heads-up display is also available.




* Under certain conditions. Actual performance is dependent upon final specifications.