A Look at the FIRST Robotics Festival in Montreal

Encouraging the development of future leaders is essential for any community. Here at Bombardier, we are proud to actively support the FIRST Robotics Competition – it is an integral part of our community involvement plan.

Doing the right thing – Defining safety standards in business aviation… and offering it free of charge

Sometimes the simple desire to do the right thing can result in major changes that affect a global industry.

The inspiration behind ATMOSPHèRE

Robert Grant’s most recent design work is now on display inside CRJ Series aircraft equipped with the revolutionary ATMOSPHèRE cabin. And interestingly, Robert has derived much of the inspiration for his designs from unexpected sources.

On the Move at the World’s Busiest Airports

Whenever you’re travelling through one of the world’s busiest airports, chances are pretty high that you’ll be riding one of Bombardier’s products… and we’re not just talking about airplanes.

Top 3 other usages of Bombardier business aircraft you didn’t know about

Our business jets are more than productivity tools.
Over 1,000 are in use in special applications worldwide.

The C Series Aircraft Flies To Greater Success

On July 1st, the strategic partnership between Bombardier, Investissement Québec & Airbus on the C Series program officially took effect.

But first, here are some reasons to celebrate…

Bombardier: Supporting Aerospace Innovation in Ontario


  • Supporting DAIR’s Academic and Research Activities
  • Supporting DAIR’s Operations
  • Preserving the Aerospace Heritage and Maintaining a Physical Presence in Downsview

5 Bombardier innovations you missed last year

Since our inception, we have built a legacy of leadership in category-defining mobility solutions. To meet evolving customer requirements and societal needs, we continue to invest in product development and new mobility innovations, focusing on eco-design, safety and technologically advanced solutions.

3 things you need to know about turbulence

Turbulence is a reality of air travel – one minute you’re sitting back, trying to catch up on some sleep or watching a movie, the next your plane is shaken by an invisible force. Sources of turbulence are varied... 

Our TOP 10 achievements of 2017

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we’ve created even better ways to move the world. From trains to planes, 2017 was a year full of accomplishments and milestones. We can only be excited for the next 75 years to come.

Top 5 Rail Industry trends to watch in 2018

Connected Mobility, Green transportation, Industry 4.0, Virtual reality, Driver’s assistance - Obstacle Detection Assistance System.